The Marketing strategy made us competitive in the St. Louis sports market… wonderful!

Larry Strickland-General Manager

UniMedia Strategies project managed getting male professionals to a career day.  Our school is within a low income area and it was great to give our kids access to professionally successful individuals.

Helped Our KidsPrincipal

UniMedia Strategies created a brand and provided a event marketing plan that raised over $5,000 in 2 weeks of no planning. Our goal was $1500! Thank you Ken!

Event Planning SuccessDirector

I inherited my fathers business and it was successful with clients.  Although, it did not feel like it was up-to-date.  UniMedia Strategies created a brand that expanded my client-base by providing all the modern branding resources needed.

Re branded My CompanyMaster Plumber

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Coach Larry Sladebusinessman

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Djenne Freemansupport specialist