Kenneth Prince Smith, founder of UniMedia Strategies, is a versatile business strategist with a comprehensive understanding of brand development, marketing, business solutions, operations, media, and technology. He specializes in understanding the interconnections between business systems and developing effective brand positioning strategies. As a thought leader in the industry, Kenneth is constantly exploring innovative approaches to solve complex business challenges. With an open mind and analytical thinking, he approaches each project, delivering exceptional results. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed are contagious, inspiring those around him to think big and achieve their goals.

Unimedia Strategies: Empowering Growth & Diversity in Business

Unimedia Strategies has evolved into a Growth Strategy firm, committed to creating value and making a positive impact on communities. Their focus is on building mega-brands that break the mold and inspire communities, using their expertise and experience in various industries to help entrepreneurs and corporate stakeholders achieve long-term growth. Their brand promise is simple yet powerful: “Our Goal is Accomplishing Your Goal…”